Crowns and Bridges in American Canyon

If you have chipped, broken, missing or discolored teeth, we have great options for you to restore them. Call today to know more. 

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What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a tooth shaped “cap”. It is custom made to fit the tooth that it is cemented on. It fully covers the tooth area and is meant to restore the strength or appearance of a tooth. In many cases, a dental crown is also placed as a protective outer layer for the tooth. 

There are many situations that require a crown

  • A tooth has deteriorated and needs to be supplemented by an outer layer for strength
  • A tooth has chipped and its appearance needs to be restored
  • There was a large filling and not much of the tooth is left, the crown is placed to protect the remaining tooth. 
  • Tooth has become discolored because of injury 
  • The patient desires a cosmetic modification.
  • A bridge needs to be placed so the two teeth between which the bridge will sit, need to be placed with crowns.

What is a Dental Bridge?

If one or more teeth are missing, a gap is created that can cause trouble with everyday activities like chewing and speaking. This gap can be filled with false tooth or teeth that are anchored by crowns that go over teeth on the either end of the gap.

Kinds of Dental Crowns We Provide


A zirconia crown is made from a material called Zirconium Dioxide which is chemically inert so it does not react with anything in the mouth. This property makes it a great option for people who may have metal allergies. These crowns do not transmit heat or cold like metal crowns which makes them a great option for people who may have hypersensitivity.

Solid zirconia crowns are chosen if the underlying tooth is discolored and dark in color. They are better able to hide the deep color of the underlying tooth and prevent it from showing through. Crowns can also be cut from a translucent variety of zirconia so that a desired color and shade is obtained to match the surrounding teeth. Layered zirconia can be used to obtain a color-gradient to match the neighboring teeth. Zirconia is also highly stain-resistant. Good aesthetics and stark resemblance to natural teeth, make them ideal for front teeth restorations.

Being extremely durable, strong and long-lasting, they are usually the choice for people who grind their teeth. Zirconia crowns are about 5 times stronger than all-ceramic crowns

Zirconia Bridge


E-max crowns have excellent aesthetics and look most like natural teeth. This quality makes them a great option for front teeth. They are also made from a chemically un-reactive material and good for patients with metal allergies. 

These are not as tough as zirconia crowns, so they are not used for molars that undergo the most pressure. These crowns are also not preferred if the underlying tooth stump is dark and highly discolored.

E-Max Crowns


This kind of crown is great when the strength of the metal is needed along with making the tooth look aesthetically pleasing. It is easy to match porcelain to the color of the neighboring teeth. 

Porcelain-fused-to-metal Crowns

Temporary crowns are made in our clinic right after the procedure is done, the tooth is prepared and impressions are taken. They are usually made of stainless steel or resin. They hold the place for the permanent crown until it is delivered from the lab and you come to us to get it placed.

Factors For Selecting the Crown Material

  • The location of the tooth in the mouth
  • The visibility of the tooth
  • Color of the neighboring teeth
  • Color of underlying tooth
  • The function of the tooth requiring a crown
  • Size of the remaining natural tooth 
  • Position of the gum of the tooth requiring the crown
  • Any metal-allergies that the patient may have
  • If the patient grinds his/her teeth